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ACER X freemanii (P.P. No 4864)
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Some Important Information and Facts about 
Autumn Blaze® Maple Acer x freemanii (rubrum x saccharinum)
PRUNING: Autumn Blaze® Maple Acer x freemanii (rubrum x saccharinum), which, due to its fast growth,
requires pruning in the fall and the spring. Proper pruning, including taking out dead wood, weak branches 
and interior spindly growth to allow more sunlight penetration, is critical to the long-term health of all trees 
and resident safety.

In addition to clearing out deadwood and weakened limbs that could fall in a high wind or under the weight 
of ice and snow, twice-yearly pruning also helps to minimize damage from large trucks and reduces the
possibility of injuries from low limbs or reduced visibility caused by streetlights obscured by poorly
maintained trees. Winter pruning even helps prepare trees to better withstand next spring's inevitable
onslaught of disease and insects. Shape your tree with strong branches outward and thin out extra smaller
side shoots, plus of course any suckers or growth coming from the base or the lower trunk.

PLANTING: Autumn Blaze® Maples been planted in all soil types including heavy wet muck, fine loam and 
heavy clay, performing well in all soils.  Autumn Blaze® has better heat and drought tolerance than rubrum
maples.  The rapid growth rate (2-4 times faster than rubrum maples) allows Autumn Blaze® to tolerate 
insect and disease problems such as leafhoppers and verticillium wilt that adversely affect some slower
growing rubrum maples.

SHAPE and COLOR: Autumn Blaze® Maples grow in a very uniform shape that makes pruning easy, either 
in production fields or the home landscape.  The tree can be pruned into an upright shape or to form a broad
spreading crown. Autumn Blaze® also has excellent winter color.  Rapid growth produces longer branching 
in one season than rubrum maples.  This new growth retains good red color after leaf drop and persists 
until the following season, adding interest and color to the winter landscape. We feel that Autumn Blaze®
is a superior alternative to rubrum, Silver, Sugar or Norway maples.

"Of the cultivars 'Armstrong,' 'Armstrong Two,' 'Autumn Blaze®,' 'Indian Summer,' 'Marmo' and 'Scarlet
Sentinel,' Autumn Blaze® develops the best red to red-orange autumn coloration.  Growth rate is
approximately four times greater than Acer rubrum.  Leafhoppers have not disfigured this cultivar." 
-Professor Edward R. Hasselkus, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Horticulture

"Autumn Blaze® Maple is a recent introduction that lives up to its name, exhibiting brilliant and long lasting
orange-red fall color.  This widely adaptable tree appears to thrive in cold as well as hot areas, showing a
remarkable tolerance for varying climates.  It ranked among the best performers for growth and fall color
display in the Southeastern US.  This Acer freemanii hybrid deserves to be more widely planted as it 
combines the best characteristics of its parents, Red and Silver Maples." -J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co. 

Autumn Blaze®, a fast growing maple grows approximately 50' tall and 40' wide with a dense oval head and
strong branching.  It's beauty and resilience make it an excellent addition to any landscape. Using high rates 
of nitrogen fertilizer has proven to give amazing growth results and will also eliminate most of the splitting
problems associated with maples due to verticillium wilt.
Autumn Blaze® Maple
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